Waiting for the Doctor….

Marking time as we wait for the next series featuring the last of the Time Lords, let’s talk about our favorite Doctor Who scenes.  Of course, everyone has their favorite episodes, and their favorite Doctor, and their favorite companion, etc., but since this is my blog, I’ll tell you what I like.

I would probably put Blink at the top of my list of favorite episodes.

I also like Journey’s End in that it pulled together all of the 10th Doctor’s Companions and biggest enemies.

Also on my list is Vincent and the (11th) Doctor, which made me cry.

And I liked the Big Bang.

As for the 9th Doctor there was The Empty Child, which also introduced Captain Jack Harkness.

However, when it comes to favorite scenes, it would have to be when Renette, aka Madame Du Pompaduor snogged the 10th Doctor !! in Girl in the Fireplace.

Then, of course there’s the scene where he comes riding to her rescue on a white horse !

In Journey’s End there is a scene where Donna makes the Doctor aware that Rose is approaching, and he turns, and they run towards each other…. so romantic, until he is shot down by a Dalek ! Yikes ! that spoiled the moment …

I also liked it when Lady Christina kissed the Doctor in Dead Planet.

Ok, so I’m such a girl, and I like girly moments like this.  I also am one of those who didn’t watch much of the old series, though I am making up for it now.  In fact, one of the episodes I enjoyed the most was The 5 Doctors, which also featured a lot of the old companions.

Of course it would have been a lot better had the 4th Doctor actually been there. 

The 3 Doctors was enjoyable as well, though I’m sure they could have done at least one scene with the 1st Doctor where he was actually in the room with the others instead of on a TV screen.

Also, I’ve just seen The Two Doctors and I enjoyed that.

And, while we’re talking about multiple Doctors, the mini episode, Time Crash, featuring the 5th and 10th Doctors was great fun !

Meanwhile, I don’t understand the appeal of The Caves of Androzani, which featured the death of the 5th Doctor.   I much prefer Logopolis, where the 4th Doctor dies.  Not because of his death, but because you get to see the Cloister and other parts of the Tardis, and then there was the Tardis within a Tardis within a Police Box.  The sad part about this episode, however, is that the Doctor dies among strangers… Tegan, and Nyssa are companions he has just met, and Adric, well, let’s not talk about Adric.

I also was disappointed by End of Time.  Seeing the High Council of Time Lords was fantastic, and Timothy Dalton was perfect as Rassilon ! but they didn’t do anything !!

So I’ll have to content myself with going back and watching some of the older episodes with the Time Lords.

As for favorite Doctors and Companions, let’s not get into that here…  for the Moral of the Story is that, because of the it’s long, rich history,  discussions about Doctor Who favorites will, happily, go on and on throughout time and space.

P.S. Another way I have been filling time is by watching the Sarah Jane Adventures: Enemy of the Bane (with the Brigadier), The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (with David Tennant), and, of course, The Death of the Doctor (with Jo Grant and Matt Smith).

I loved it! Jo Grant brought tears to my eyes…. But I was disappointed that they didn’t show real flashbacks of Jo and Sarah Jane with the Doctors… should have done with all that “memory” stuff.


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