Jamaica 1 & 2

It’s called the „See Me No More” Valley, because people tend to disappear when entering.  Fortunately we were just passing through by train… a day-long tour of Jamaica that we took while our sunburns healed.  After baking like coconut macaroons because we applied the cocoanut oil sold to us by “Doctor Joe”, we were lucky we had also purchased his fresh aloe concoction, which did the trick.

I love Jamaica.  And, though I have only been there twice, it is one of my favorite vacation spots: the Reggae, the beaches, climbing Dunn’s River Falls, the crab races, the bar in the middle of the pool, the rum punch…  But one of the most memorable days was that train trip we took.  Our first stop was in a village where we picked out material and were measured. On the way back from visits to various plantations, we stopped there again, and were presented with hand-made dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, etc.

J 009 xx

Crab Races

J 036

  Gary  - Jamaica cropped


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