China 1

We walked the streets of the village that would no longer exist after the dam was built. I was glad to have gotten to China while the Yangtze River was still low enough that the mountains  soared.

Having been to the most exciting place on earth, Egypt, I now wanted to see other exotic places. Europe was not very high on my list right now, and forget about the Western Hemisphere. Asia was the continent I would explore first, beginning with China.

The Great Wall, the Terra Cotta soldiers, the Yangtze River, the Buddhist carvings at Dazu, and, of course, the food !!! Yes, everything was delicious, including the dumplings in Shanghai !!

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4 Responses to China 1

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  2. janekoont says:

    As a Chinese, I m so suprised that you have been to so many places of China and you are welcome all the time.


  3. nermin says:

    Realy I enjoyed twice when I saw pharaonic photo because you did enjoy it and you dId document .I m proud I have pharaonic roots

  4. I haven’t been in china but your experience shows it’s a very beautiful place to go

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