Given the opportunity to ride as Mahout, I climbed onto the elephant’s neck… and prayed that he didn’t decide to bend down to eat or something, for I could only hold on with my knees.

Traveling with some of my new best friends, Thailand did not disappoint.  It has everything from magnificent temples, to beautiful scenery, exotic dances, and delicious food !!!  Thus, I have many fond memories, like when Anya stopped a guy on a motorcycle, and bought from him a few bamboo stalks.  Inside the bamboo, a treat !!  Sticky rice with raisins.

Buddhism is the popular religion of Thailand.  It retains its pure form, unlike the Buddhism of the Himalayan countries, where other, older religious ideas are mixed in.  The Thai people strive to be good, avoid evil, and have a refined mind.

The royalty is popular as well.  The King’s mother even lived for a time among the Hill Tribes, giving them fruits and vegetables to plant, so that they would give up growing poppies for opium. Some of my favorite Thai fruits are Mangosteen and Rambutan.


The Bridge on the River Kwae

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