I was having trouble reading the menu in the McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, so, with my limited Russian,  I asked the girl what kind of sauces they had for their Chicken Nuggets.  Thankfully, the Russian words for “sweet and sour sauce” are the same in Polish, so I was able to place my order.

With only a day in Moscow, and three in St. Petersburg, I still managed to see all the highlights.  The best part, however, was the Astoria Hotel.  After nearly a month of travel in the “Stans”, this stop in St. Petersburg was meant to pamper, and it did.  From the luxurious comforter on the bed, to the heated tiles in the bathroom, to the white chocolate Toblerone candy in the mini-bar.  This was my heaven !!  My favorite hotel ever !!

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I'm a former dancer who loves all things Polish, especially the music... whether it be folk songs and dances from Poland, or polka music from Chicago. Oh, yes, and I love pierogi !
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3 Responses to Russia

  1. harindabama says:

    I have heard that St.Petersburg is a wonderful place to visit. But after seeing your pictures it makes me want to visit it even more. By the way, the photos are nicely taken.

  2. Margaret says: says:

    I would love to go also. Are you leading a trip Diane? The buildings are spectacular with the many colors etc.

  3. Wanda says:

    Nice pictures. I loved the old church in Moscow, and its interior especially, so raw and natural. I have been twice in both the cities, but long ago.

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