The Knights of St. John had to give the King of Spain a falcon every year, in exchange for the rights to Malta.  The Mediterranean island nation has been controlled by so many cultures, going back to the Phoenecians,  that its history would take a lifetime to study.

A Roman Catholic country with an Arabic sounding language,  Malta’s charm is its beautiful people, its magnificent architecture, and its sandy beaches.

What luck, then, that I had met a wonderful Maltese couple on a previous trip to Poland. They generously took time off from their jobs in order to proudly show us the wonders of their idyllic homeland.

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I'm a former dancer who loves all things Polish, especially the music... whether it be folk songs and dances from Poland, or polka music from Chicago. Oh, yes, and I love pierogi !
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  1. I have heard it said that you either love or hate Malta – I love it!

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