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Las Vegas

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An Egyptian friend of mine had been a consultant on the building of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. When it first opened, it even had a Nile River cruise, complete with tour-guide. And so, before my second trip to Egypt, I thought it was worth checking out. Continue reading

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The Road I Traveled – USA, Canada, & the world

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Gazing out across the icy waters of the Lake of Heaven, at the snow-capped Bogda Shan Mountain, I was not concerned that I had become separated from my group. Sure, I was 100 km. from Urumqi, the most inland place on earth (farthest from any ocean), but as a seasoned traveler, I knew that eventually I’d find my way. I simply couldn’t pass up a boat trip across Tianchi Lake, after all, that was one of the reasons I was in Xinjiang. Continue reading

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