We sat in the second row at the Muzikverein, as the Mozart orchestra performed, dressed in period costumes.  This was where the New Years in Vienna concerts were held, and this was where my Mom wanted to be.  Inspired by Andre Rieu, she chose this musical trip to Austria for her first visit to Europe.

Every day there were concerts, and tours of musical sites, churches, palaces, etc. all across Austria, from Vienna to Salzburg.  Hayden, Beethoven, Brukner, Schubert, and, of course Strauss.  We saw where the Sound of Music was filmed. We were treated to the Vienna Boys Choir.  And then there was the marionette performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, which was totally fantastic !!

Meanwhile, no trip to Vienna would be complete without a visit to the Sacher Hotel to sample the famous Sacher Torte !!




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I'm a former dancer who loves all things Polish, especially the music... whether it be folk songs and dances from Poland, or polka music from Chicago. Oh, yes, and I love pierogi !
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